Simple Solutions for Fast Business Growth

Learn how to integrate all of your online marketing efforts to create one effective strategy.

  • Determine what you should be focusing on in your business to get the greatest results.
  • Gain access to timesaving resources like workflows, templates and swipe files.
  • Get behind the scenes access to my multimillion dollar product and service businesses so you can see what's working NOW.
  • Stop wasting your time online and figure out what actually works.

Learn what's working now so you can stop wasting your time online.

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Enrollment opens every 4-6 weeks.

To create the best experience for our current and future member's we open for enrollment every 4-6 weeks with limited spots available.

This enables our new members to create strong bonds and connections with their fellow peers who join the Academy at the same time.

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Do you ever wonder why you aren't getting the results that you'd like online?

There is so much information out there that you may not be sure what you should be spending your time and energy on.

And even if you think you do, my guess is that you don't have a cohesive plan that combines all of your online marketing efforts.

So why is this important?

The real secret of success is knowing what to spend your time on.

The real secret of success is knowing what to spend your time on, and the truth is that marketing now involves utilizing lot of different players to create your all star team. It took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what it takes to make it online, and now I want to share my proven formula with YOU.

Because we've all been there, right? When I started my first business I was working so much that I didn't have time to enjoy my life (and I was not making the money that I deserved). Nobody should have to spend their life working like a crazy person just to get by. You deserve to be successful and have the time to actually enjoy your success!

So let me ask you this...

"Do you ever feel like you don't get out what you put
in to your online marketing efforts?"

Well let's change that...

We know that you don't have enough hours in the day, so instead of creating training that eats up your time this program will provide you with resources that will help you grow your business in very little time.

As a member you'll have access to the following:

Our Flagship Training

6 Steps to Maximizing Your Online Business Growth

(which includes a personalized online marketing plan)

  1. Business Evaluation:How to figure out what's working and where to be putting your time and effort.

  2. Personal Evaluation:Determine your strengths, weaknesses and learn how to improve the enjoyment of your work.

  3. Market & Customer Evaluation:Analyze your current competition, gain clarity on your ideal client profile and identify new products and services that your audience wants.

  4. Developing Your Online Marketing Plan:A comprehensive guide to figuring out how to connect all of the dots and fit all of your online marketing pieces together.

  5. Profitable Partnerships & Business Relationships:How to create mutually beneficial relationships with other people in your industry.

  6. Action & Implementation Strategies:Gain access to a proven system for a painless way to get things done!

Specialized Monthly Training

Each month choose from our library of courses and select which training you want to focus on next. No two business paths are the same, so we want you to be able to "choose your own adventure" and gain access to the materials that will best serve you now! Topics range from social media and list building to successful sales strategies and how to land free press.

Training Topics Include:

New trainings are constantly being added in real time to cover what is working right now.


I love your style not just in the way you teach. Your overall brand, presence and the simplicity that you create in your message. You have been an inspiration for myself in my business and I have learned so much not only technical tips but leadership and business insights. Thanks Melanie!-Stacia

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching

On top of everything else, we'll be there to help you along the way. We've setup support structures throughout the program to help you implement, take action, and get results.

Join us LIVE each month for a personalized group coaching call where we'll cover the latest strategies while providing support and feedback.

There will be time for extensive Q&A at the end of each call as well.

So come with your questions ready. We are here to help.

Our “Little Black Book” of
Tools & Resources

Gain access to the programs, software and companies that we personally use to grow our businesses online.

We'll even include step-by-step video training on how to best utilize these resources.


I potentially learned more valuable information from one night of videos by Melanie Duncan than I have all my undergraduate career. Thank you!-Nichole

Group Accountability & Networking

Join your fellow members to ask questions, network and support one another inside of this private Facebook group.

Finally be a part of a community of smart, passionate people who are successfully growing their businesses online.

You can get feedback for projects that you are working on or reach out and utilize fellow member's connections.

This group will be invaluable to both your personal and professional growth.

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About The Founders

Devin and Melanie Duncan started their first business together back in 2006 while in college. By identifying a need in the market they started a custom apparel company to serve Sororities and Fraternities online. These two crazy kids learned by trial and error what NOT to do and ended up identifying what actually works online. After creating a successful system, they began to launch multimillion dollar businesses in a variety of industries and have had their brands featured on top television shows like ABC's "Good Morning America" and in dozens of magazines around the world. In 2010, they decided to move to NYC and run their 7 figure manufacturing business remotely.

After a particularly profound experience of speaking at their alma mater, Devin and Melanie realized how truly important the education they had received online was and how incredibly difficult it was to attain. There are no classes at any college teaching online marketing the way it works in the real world. They thought about how powerful it would have been to have access to information like that when they were first starting out.

...And so they became inspired to teach what they know. Devin and Melanie now devote their time to creating educational programs for entrepreneurs and have impacted businesses and lives all over the world. Pretty amazing, considering it all started with a sweatshirt.

What Other Experts in The Industry Have to Say...


"The thing I resepect about Melanie is that she built a real business first (a home decor and college apparel company). Now, in addition to that, she shares the tested strategies that worked - and continue to work - so everyone can benefit from her proven track record."

Founder / CEO at Social Triggers, Inc. arrow


"It's almost uncanny how Melanie and Devin Duncan are always the first to know what's working now when it comes to online marketing. They are constantly experimenting and testing new strategies for their own businesses and then are the first to include what's working in their online trainings before anyone else. Their style of teaching is action-focused and the perfect mix of big picture strategy, step-by-step direction and a touch of patience for those of us who need a little extra hand holding! I can say without a doubt that my business has grown as a direct result of Melanie and Devin's influence."

Social Media Strategy Consultant arrow


"If you've ever listened to ONE motivational or Personal Growth Audio, you know that the key to success is to MODEL others who are already successful. Let's just make that advice simpler: Model Melanie and Devin Duncan! This dynamic Power-Couple epitomizes SUCCESS. They have the right mindset, the are HUGE Action-Takers, and they always have their fingers on the pulse of what is working...and what is NOT. And most importantly, their success does not come at a cost. They live a dream lifestyle of working when they want, and where they want. If you want to grow a business online that doesn't sacrifice your lifestyle or happiness, again: Model Devin and Melanie. It's that simple."

Online and Video marketing strategist arrow


"Melanie is that extremely rare blend of someone who both does it herself & teaches it... and she is amazing at both. Her teaching style is energetic, clear and concise. You will get big results by learning from her."

Creator & Host of The Rise To The Top arrow

This Training Is For You If:

This Training Is NOT For You If:


I became a member of your programs and started to see instant results! Because of your training my husband and I are working together! We have created a product that we are both passionate about and love. We are learning from you and your recommendations on how to build a successful online business. Your training, belief, and commitment to your members has been the energy in our business. We would never have imagined being where we are today without you. DO what Melanie teaches! Apply it to your business and your dreams will come true.- Mike and Natalie

Everything included with your enrollment:


I absolutely LOVE that you are creative with your business model and don't do things the same way everyone else does. It's so easy for us to get in the trap of following in the footsteps of others who have gone before us, but you very clearly put your own spin on things. Great inspiration for us being our own authentic selves in and out of business!!- Lisa Rehurek,

I have no doubt that once you enter Online Edge Academy you’ll quickly realize - this is a quality site. And just to put my “money where my mouth is” I’m willing to bet on it. So I’m giving you a full 60-day no questions asked guarantee.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our products. I want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us as your coach & teacher, and herefore, I offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you decide the program is not right for you.

What About Canceling?

Canceling your membership shouldn’t be complicated or confusing! Simply email our 24/7 support team at or click on our Support Page to cancel your subscription at any time.